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Relocating is a big deal. At Crown Relocations, we take the quality of our service and the personal care of our clients seriously. Although we have checks in place to ensure exceptional service at every stage of the relocation process, nothing says “outstanding service” as well as hearing it directly from our clients.


June 2016
“The packaging facility provided is very helpful and they accommodated even our last minute request as well even though when it was almost ended. Thanks for all the support provided.”
Ms. Roopa P.
Banking & Financial Services
Bangalore (India) to Hong Kong


June 2016
“Ray – very helpful and prompt replies with my emails prior and during my move especially with renewing storage as finding a flat in DK took longer than expected. Excellent packers in HK! Very impressed with their skill on site and the condition my belongings arrived in DK. Jacob - kindly arranged the SKAT declaration and entry to DK very smoothly. Although there was a delay with delivery time from morning to evening, it worked out for the best as Hans came to unpack my boxes and helped hang my paintings on the wall. This helped me feel at home faster. I was recommended Crown by my friend who moved from Shanghai to UK and I also will be recommending Crown to my friends.”
Ms. Philippa H.
Hong Kong to Copenhagen (Denmark)


May 2016
“Your boys have done a good and a quick job. I'm quite satisfied with the services at Bangalore. More importantly, the reception from your end has been quite courteous. However, I'm looking forward to the services and the quality of goods which would be arriving at HK - I'm expecting the goods to arrive in shipshape. ”
Mr. Sai A.K.
Banking & Financial Services
Bangalore (India) to Hong Kong


May 2016
“Coordinated well and kept me informed on the status. Was also flexible for re-appointment with customs based on my availability. All good. ”
Mr. Mukunda R.S.
Insurance Services
Hong Kong to Bangalore (India)


May 2016
“I received the shipment on last Friday. Your delivery crew offered to help in unpacking and arranging the goods. But right now it is not required to unpack my goods. Anyway your staffs were very courteous and helpful. Thank you very much for your coordination and help. ”
Ms. Siddhartha G.
Energy, Power Production, Utilities
Hong Kong to Jhajjar (India)


May 2016
“Just a brief note to thank you both for the professional service. It was a most pleasant experience using your international moving service, right from the beginning when your sales manager James came to my home and did the initial inspection. While in Hong Kong, Manny took well care of me and my shipment, and after I arrived Toronto, I was also in good hands under Paula's management. Overall, it was a great experience and I would not hesitate to recommend Crown to anyone I know for professional and prompt moving.”
Ms. Sheree D.
Hong Kong to Toronto(Canada)

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