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Each year at the beginning of the rainy season, Indonesia is inundated with flooding all across the archipelago with business losses reaching tens of millions of dollars.Flood Relief Jakarta The capital city of Jakarta and greater metropolitan areas are no exception.

The city often comes to a complete stand still during the flooding, with many businesses unable to open and residents unable to make it to their jobs. Traffic is even more chaotic than usual as roads are closed due to flooding and a great strain placed on inadequate infrastructure.

Every year thousands of people’s homes are destroyed and they are often left without access to clean water or electricity for days on end. Crown Worldwide Indonesia came together in the spirit of caring for its neighbors and sharing what it had with the people worse affected.

The Crown Jakarta office collected donations, food and blankets and set out for Kampung Pulo, in East Jakarta. This particular area was submerged under as much as two meters of water, the electricity had been off for days and 2,000 residents had been evacuated. Here Crown employees handed out relief packages and comforted local residents. Most of the residents have lived in the area their entire lives and have learned to live, with great fortitude, with the unavoidable annual flooding in the capital. 


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