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The Immigration Department of Indonesia has recently announced the implementation of new regulations at the time of renewing IMTA and KITAS. The new regulation is effective now, but there are no official announcement.

1. Change of renewal process

The new renewal process applies to KITAS which is expiring soon and IMTA renewal application. Applicant can obtain a 12-month KITAS once the IMTA is renewed, which may result in overstay penalties or deportation if the IMTA renewal process is delayed. Under the new regulation, applicant is required to apply for an interim KITAS after submitting the IMTA application.  An interim KITAS with a three-month validity can be issued with a multiple-exit re-entry permit (MERP), which covers the same period issued simultaneously. After the renewed IMTA is issued, the applicant can submit the application for a 12-month KITAS. 


2. KITAS validity 

Under the new regulation, the validity of both IMTA and KITAS begin on date of entry in Indonesia. Currently, the validity of KITAS is from the date of issue of IMTA. 


Important notes:

Applicant is not permitted to work until the renewal of IMTA is approved. 

When the renewal of IMTA is approved, applicant is required to apply for a 12-month KITAS. The duration of approval for the KITAS is 12 months. 

Applicant is required to attend a biometric interview in person for both interim and long-term KITAS applications. 

Under the new regulation, late submission of a KITAS renewal is not acceptable and the applicant will be required to leave the country. 

Indonesia government has the right to decline applications by third party agents at any time. The changes to guidance are subject to change at short notice. 


Source: There is no official announcement at the time of the above alert written. 

Changes on renewals of Work Permit and Residence Permit

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