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Taking care of the environment is a must in today’s world. Thus, how can you minimize the consequences for the environment when you are moving to another country? We tell you how to keep CO2 levels down and continue helping the environment – even if you are moving to the other side of the world!

Sustainable living, eco-friendly goods, ecological products… We are surrounded by messages telling us to have a responsible attitude towards our environment. Doing so in our daily lives, it’s – more or less- easy, in the end, it’s a matter of habits and re-educating ourselves. However, can you still be an environmentally-conscious citizen when you have to move your belongings thousands of kilometers away? Is possible to have a “green move”?

The answer is a categorical “yes”. Even though moving goods generates some carbon emissions, one can reduce them by applying some simple actions. Follow these tips during your overseas move and become an eco-friendly expat!

1. Don’t buy more goods!

As soon as you know that you are moving, you should avoid purchasing new items and you should try to get rid of the needless ones. Why not selling them? Or even better, what about giving them to charities or to other people who might need them?

2. Store the unnecessary items

If there are some objects that you think you will need in the future, but not during your expatriation period, a good solution can be to store them. You can either ask a relative or friend if they have free space or contact a storage company to keep them.

3. Pay attention to how you pack your goods

Try to use cartoons and packages from recycled sources and minimize the use of oil-based products (such as bubble wrap) to protect your belongings. In addition to this, reuse the original packaging from your electronic items (from phones to kitchen toasters) and remember to take only those items that you will use in your destination (do not take some electrical items which you will not be able to use due to changes on electrical voltage).  

4. Go digital

Despite being surrounded by technology, sometimes we still tend to print too many documents. Try keeping your files in digital format instead of printing them. It will be easier to find them later!

5. Reuse your packing materials

After your relocation, you can give a new life to the used packaging, for example, by converting into a container for your child’s toys. If you have a lot of spare packages and cartoons, remember to recycle them into the nearest recycling center.

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Moving abroad and being eco-friendly

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