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The authorities at the Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia has begun requiring sponsoring companies to complete a new email verification step during the work authorization process.  Under the new process, sponsoring companies are required to provide one email account only to facilitate the online TKA system. The new requirement took effect from January 18, 2017.

This change affects all online RPTKA, pre-IMTA, approval and IMTA applications (also affected if the Telex visa is linked to the IMTA approval).  Extra processing time is expected. The authorities at the Ministry of Manpower must verify the email address provided before processing each application. The authorities will then send the RPTKA to the company’s verified email address directly. 


1. Companies using an Immigration agent as their representative will need to give consideration to the requirement and confirm one email account to be used. 

2. Employers should factor in processing delays and may need to re-arrange business schedules and start dates for affected foreign employees.


Indonesia - TKA On-line (English version is not available)


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