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With the rise of new global hotspots it seems that young business professionals are increasingly looking for a sense of adventure when they move abroad – and the map of these sought after locations is beginning to shift.

The Expat Insider Inter Nations Survey 2017 polled expats across the world and ranked countries based on a combination of quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, family life and personal finance.

There was a surprise winner in the shape of Bahrain – up from 19th only a year earlier. Bahrain excelled in making expats feel at home and ranked highly for work and career too – both important areas for young professionals keen to work abroad.

The rest of the top five new global hotspots made interesting reading, too. Costa Rica was second, Mexico third, Taiwan fourth and Portugal fifth – all relatively new destinations on the expat map which show how things are changing.


Read on and discover some of the other new global hotspots for young professionals include:


Taiwan makes life easier – Taiwanese are some of the most friendly and helpful people not just in Asia, but the world. This makes both working and living in Taiwan a great pleasure.

New Zealand

The work-life balance in New Zealand is attractive to young professionals thanks to its working hours, chilled out culture and quality of environment. Quality of healthcare is particularly attractive to expats from the US and UK.


This is a country which is rapidly moving up the expat table – up to 12th in 2017 – and which is spending big on infrastructure. It appeals to younger professionals as an exciting base to explore new destinations. There is also a strong expat community in cities such as Ho Chi Min city where English is spoken at work – and is increasingly financially stable, with a low cost of living.


Still a big favourite thanks to its climate, awe-inspiring scenery and wildlife and a strong work-life balance. Wages are high Down Under too, often 20 per cent above those in the UK, which makes up for the high cost of renting property, especially in Sydney. Entry conditions are getting stricter but do favour young professionals who can contribute to society.

Hong Kong

A vibrant place to work – with strong cultural links to the UK and a buzzing British expat network. Low taxes can also be attractive and Hong Kong is an excellent travel hub. Learning Mandarin or Cantonese can be a challenge, however.


Considering moving abroad as your next career move and after a moving quote? Click here. Alternatively if you would like to find out more about the countries listed above by reading our destination guides.

New global hotspots for young professionals

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