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Planning your move to a T is an onerous task and it is recommended that one starts preparing for their relocation in advance. In the first part of this article, we had shared some tips on preparing for your overseas move and had also suggested that formulating a detailed week wise plan almost a month to the moving day is an ideal proposition.

A week wise plan or schedule can alleviate a lot of last minute stress. We list out a weekly plan of the Do’s as you approach the move day.

4 weeks to the moving day

1. Research Moving Companies – get competitive quotes & choose your preferred mover. We advise full company packing service & movers insurance.
2. If moving to a new city start your research now!
3. Decide on the move date and notify the real estate agent/landlord (as per the tenancy agreement and give written notice)
4. Keep important documents with you i.e. birth & marriage certificates, passports, credit cards/cheque books, insurance documents
5. This is a good opportunity to have a de-clutter - surplus furniture, clothing books etc. can stored. Read about our storage options here.
6. Now is the time to research for accommodation & schools at your new location
7. Do you require a pet relocation, if so make arrangements now
8. Take care of legal matters, if required

3 weeks to the moving day

1. Advise your service providers that you are moving
2. Take copies of electronic documents e.g. computer photos, files etc.
3. Avoid doing large food shops, start using up your frozen goods
4. If moving overseas there may be limitations on alcohol shipments, now is a good time to start drinking or give to friends
5. You may need a handyman for last minute repairs & maintenance prior to your move
6. If you are taking a motor vehicle have it checked and serviced prior to move day. If moving overseas ensure you understand import requirements and that you have any spare parts or tools you might need abroad
7. If you have chosen a preferred mover make sure they are advised if you add or subtract items
8. Do you anticipate requiring a home clean at your new destination? If so now is the time to research what is available
9. Identify all of your insurance needs and start making arrangements. Read about the CrownCare transit protection to safeguard your belongings

2 weeks to the moving day

1. Transfer children’s daycare/school records
2. Transfer vet records to a new vet clinic
3. If you know the layout of the new house you are moving to arrange a floor plan - this will make things a lot easier come moving day
4. Sort items in garage/garden shed
5. Wash outdoor items thoroughly e.g. lawn mowers, garden tools, kids bikes etc.
6. If possible arrange for someone to look after your kids on moving days

1 week to the moving day

1. Complete and return all documentation to your chosen movers office
2. Ensure there are no property access issues prior to moving day
3. Defrost your refrigerator/freezer and drain all water hoses 48 hours prior to the move
4. Dismantle large furniture items i.e. home theatre systems and outdoor play equipment and structures, keeping all parts together in one area.
5. Remove your own fixtures and fittings from walls
6. Disable/disarm any firearms being moved, and where possible keep the firearm in its lockable carry case. Ammunition must not be stored or carried with the firearm
7. Arrange the disconnection of services necessary – cable, newspaper, gas and telephone services
8. Return DVD’s, library books etc.
9. Dispose of all remaining flammables, dangerous goods and hazardous materials
10. Prepare a package for each child with their favorite toys, books, clothing and snacks. Label it with their name and be sure to keep it handy during the actual move

1 day to the moving day

1. Pack your suitcases and move them (together with your valuables, passports, and tickets) to a safe place. This will prevent them from being accidentally packed with your goods
2. Disconnect electronic equipment i.e. Stereos, cable decoder, computer etc.
3. Disconnect your washing machine and drain all water
4. Remove all toners and ink cartridges from electronic printers, copiers, fax machines and batteries from any games, toys and electrical equipment
5. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep
6. Have a simple breakfast prepared for move day so it is easy to clean up before the packers arrive

On the move day

1. Be on hand when the movers arrive, walk through the home with them and reconfirm your requirements
2. If there are any items that are not being moved put them aside & advise the movers
3. Is there anything left behind? Check your home for any items that may have been missed before the movers leave. Finally before the movers leave make sure you check & sign off their inventory

With a weekly moving checklist in place, as detailed above, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important in the rush of the moving day.

If you are relocating and considering using a professional relocations service click here for a free moving quote and further information on how we can help make your relocation a success. Alternatively, call us at +91 8080 322 322 to speak to our consultants.

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