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There is nothing quite as disruptive in life as packing all your belongings and moving overseas. However, the good news is that it doesn’t always have to be a stressful event. Here are some useful tips to remove the stress from moving abroad:


It sounds like an obvious one, but many people underestimate the importance of researching their new destination. Visiting forums and joining online expat communities are a great way of getting a feel for your new area. Speaking to people who have also moved can provide a great insight helping to keep fears and anxieties at bay.

Read up on local laws and customs

Spend some time getting familiar with the local laws and customs in your new country, check out the government or local council pages for your new area. The more knowledgeable you are, the smoother the process will be for you.

Don’t rush into buying a place

Take time to visit the area and to survey other properties nearby. Don’t be rushed into buying the first place you see and read up on local protocol – so that when you are ready to purchase there aren’t any surprises.

Seek Independent Financial Advice

Don’t feel under pressure when it comes to your finances. Sometimes seeking out expert advice is the best way to ensure nothing is missed out.

Read up on Tax Regulations

Be sure to research the Taxes that will be applicable to you in your new home (as well as back in India) once you have moved abroad.

Plan for your health

The rules for accessing healthcare abroad will be different to those in our country. Be sure to take out health care insurance until you are registered under the state system of your country of destination. Don’t wait until you are ill to sort out access to healthcare because you could end up with an unnecessary bill.

Consider your long term financial requirements

Read up on the impact moving abroad might have on any benefits in your name in the home country. Before you go, seek out financial advice so that you can gain the opinion and expertise of an expert.

Know the costs

Be prepared by taking in to account exchange rates so that you get a full picture of all the costs involved. A good practice is to always have an emergency fund to fall back on if things don’t go according to plan.


An essential part of a successful move abroad is integrating into your new community, joining a few organizations or making an effort to learn the local language and customs are a great way of doing this. This will ease your transition and help you settle in to your new home.

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