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Are you planning to realize your 'American dream'? Are you prepared to experience life in one of the most vibrant countries of the world? We have compiled a few tips for you as you plan your American sojourn:

Tip, always!

In the US, workers such as taxi drivers, waiters or hairdressers earn a considerable portion of their salary through tips. Thus, tipping is an essential part of the services. Tips in the US are normally between 10-20% of the service price and if you are paying with a card, it is likely that you will find an empty space on the ticket to write the amount that you would like to give as a tip.

Start learning Spanish
The more you move towards the southern part of the US, the more likely you are to find people speaking in Spanish. This is due to the large number of immigrants coming from Mexico and other South American countries. But, don’t get scared: most of the Latin-Americans speak English daily and they speak Spanish with their family and other Spanish speakers. However, it can be a good opportunity to learn the second most spoken language in the world!

Bid goodbye to public transport
If you like to move around using public transport, get yourself plenty of time and patience as distance among cities are large and a bus or train journey can be really, really long in the US. Moreover, Americans are not keen on public transport and the typical methods of transportation are car and plane. Cars are convenient to move around the city unless you are living in a big metropolis such as New York while planes are preferred to cover longer distance from one end to another end of this vast country.

Fast food, fast lunch
US is the home to a wide ranging varieties of fast food, which it is specially eaten during the busy weekdays. Most Americans take a 30 minutes lunch break (not more!) around midday and they grab a sandwich in a nearby place. However, in the US it is also common to have lunch at the office desk!

Get used to compliments!
Americans are open and friendly, even with people who they don’t know much. They love to give compliments (for the good work, clothes etc.). Get used to it as you will hear them frequently! And start practicing on giving some to your colleagues!

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