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Be it skiing in British Columbia, golfing in Saskatchewan or harvesting maple syrup in Québec, Canada’s diversity and beauty never fails to astound. Its 10 provinces and 3 territories span from the Atlantic across to the Pacific and up to the Arctic Ocean, making it the world’s second largest country by land mass.

Canada’s beauty unfolds from the magnificent beaches and bays of the East Coast, through its ultra-hip, cosmopolitan central cities of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, right up to the North - the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut - where white wolves, polar bears, and caribou migrations reign supreme.

Canada is one of the most culturally rich and diverse countries in the world. It is officially bilingual and multicultural at the Federal level. Canada’s education system is second to none; in 2012 it ranked first in the OECD Education Indicators for its proportion of tertiary educated adults. Endowed with abundant natural resources and a highly educated workforce, Canada’s economy is one of the strongest performing in the world.

Canada always ranks highly in the list of best places to live and best places to emigrate to – and with good reason. People are moving to Canada for the healthy outdoor lifestyle, the scenery, the space, the jobs and the well-run public services.

It ranks fourth in the 2018 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey and is one of the most welcoming destinations in the world – thanks to the friendly locals.

But making a move overseas rarely comes with no problems at all. Here are some tips to make a move to Canada even smoother:

Think about the language

Canada is a bilingual country, with both English and French spoken. But that doesn’t mean every region speaks both languages. New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual city while Quebec is predominately French-speaking and many other territories primarily speak English. So, make sure you research properly before deciding where to live.

Know the visa rules

If you are planning on moving to Canada a visa will be required. Special working visas are available for start-ups, for immigrant investors, the self-employed and skilled workers. Express is also available for some skilled trades.

Read more about our immigration services here. Crown makes immigration rules more understandable, guiding you and your family through what might otherwise be a confusing process—delivering faster as well as compliant results.

To rent or buy

Property prices in major Canadian cities have been rising and there can be huge differences in the cost of getting into the property market depending on which territory you choose. Vancouver and Toronto are regarded as the most expensive. Whether you decide to rent or buy in Canada, chances are it's likely to be a competitive market you find yourself in. A professional relocation service provider can arrange for preview trips and also assist with property selection and handover. Our home search services are comprehensive and offer you complete peace of mind in a new destination.

Be prepared for the weather

It gets very cold in the winter in Canada – as low as -40 degrees centigrade in some regions. That may take some preparation and be out of the comfort zone of visitors from India where one experiences tropical weather throughout the year.

Understand the healthcare system

Canada has a publicly-funded healthcare system and is based on a network of health insurance plans which provide free primary care to citizens only. Most people also have extra insurance to cover additional health needs. So, ensure you are properly covered when moving to Canada.

If you are relocating and considering using a professional relocations service click here for a free moving quote and further information on how we can help make your relocation a success.

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