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When choosing international or domestic relocations, there are a number of factors that differentiate one company from another. Certainly local knowledge is important but Crown Relocations with its own offices in more than 50 countries can cover all aspects of your move and provide you with a consistent “one company” relocation experience.

Some of the factors that you should consider at your point of origin are:

Prior to your move

Relocating your home, particularly if you are moving internationally can be a new experience. Most people don’t really know all the things they need to consider to manage their move successfully. Making certain that you don’t forget anything will help make your move as stress- free as possible. A moving company that provides an in-home visit from an experienced relocation consultant will help you in many ways. They will provide you with a checklist of things you need to do. They will discuss and identify any special packaging and transportation solution tailored to your requirement. They will discuss with you other services that may assist you. These will include packaging needs, transit options, transit insurance, storage of your belongings both at you origin and destination, vehicle transport, pet transport, assistance with finding homes, schools and other relocation services.

Packing services

Some people like to pack their belongings themselves. Be aware that in some cases, transit insurance may not be available for “owner packed” belongings.

If you choose to have your belongings professionally packed, a move manager is assigned to manage your move. It is important that packaging be completed on-site, not taken away and re-packed. This will help ensure that nothing is lost and you have confidence in the methods that your goods have been securely packed. Some key points to note are that a professional relocations service provider has fully trained teams and that the wrapping techniques provide maximum care for all items. For example:

  • Fragile items require innovative techniques such as dual wrapping in tissue paper and contoured bubble wrap or cardboard wrapping.
  • Paintings should be individually wrapped and then packed into flat picture packs.
  • Smaller cartons should be used for books, CDs and DVDs to minimize handling weights.
  • Suits and gowns are packed in custom designed hanging cartons.
  • Some items such as TVs require specialist care and purpose made packaging.
  • For high value items, special crates can be built for purpose for maximum safety.
  • On completion, all the cartons are labelled, bar-coded and numbered so that they can be cross checked at your destination.

Transit options

The goal of a reputable relocations service provider is to relocate your goods promptly, safely and with the least amount of inconvenience to you. The transit options to consider are:

  • Containerized transport by road or sea. Having containers eliminates the unnecessary double handling of goods and is safe and cost effective.
  • You may even need some goods to be air freighted if you need them at your destination quickly.

Storage solutions

Sometimes it may be necessary to store your belongings before you relocate. It might be short or long term, but storing your goods at a purpose built facility with the right equipment provides you maximum safety and security. If you need storage, consider the following:

  • Are the storage modules custom built?
  • Is each consignment isolated from other people’s belongings?
  • Is there 24 hour security and is the facility alarmed and electronically monitored?

Whether you have a domestic or international move, having an experienced moving company gives you a full range of service options to meet your needs. The confidence you have in your relocations service provider starts from your first meeting with your relocation consultant and having a plan in place that helps you manage your move as easily and comfortably as possible.

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