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More than ever the allure of being an expat is on the rise especially among the generation we know as millennials. ‘Millennial’ is the term given to the generation born between the early 80s and the late 90s and is reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. More and more millennials are choosing to become expats mainly due to alluring job prospects, enhanced quality of life and a hefty paycheck.

Unarguably people have been moving abroad for better pastures earlier too, but what makes moving abroad particularly appealing to the millennials? Millennials are markedly different from their earlier generations on several accounts – they have grown up in a digitally enabled society, are adept at multi-tasking and place a strong emphasis on work-life balance. They tend to be open-minded risk takers and their familiarity with everything digital makes them ‘global’ in their outlook – a perfect setting for someone who want to lead an expat life!

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at reasons why millennials look to move abroad.

The search for work/life balance

Millennials unlike older generations desire to strike a perfect balance between their professional and personal lives. However contradictory that this goal may seem, there are several countries in Europe like the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain which are known to provide an environment that makes the two ends meet! There are other factors that make moving to a country attractive and these include affordable housing, good income, clean environment, access to affordable healthcare and safety at professional and personal space.

Where aspiration and ambition meet

The millennial expats are driven by aspiration and ambition to lead successful life. This is manifested in a clear desire to see the world and have the trappings of a successful life. In almost all the cases, living abroad helps reaching financial goals expeditiously and owning property easier. Also there is a dramatic improvement in the quality of life as a result of moving abroad. So whether it’s fulfilling the wanderlust, better pay or a better quality of living, moving abroad seems to be the key to happiness to millennials.

Always on the move

Unlike traditional career options and professions like doctors and lawyers that pretty much require an individual to be rooted to a particular location to prosper and flourish, millennials like career options that are dynamic and portable. With an open-minded risk taking ability combined with a familiarity of the digital landscape, millennials tend to embrace new technology with open arms. This innate ability draws them to portable and dynamic careers irrespective of the location like that of a web designer, film maker, writer or a vlogger. Remote jobs provide the required flexibility and independence which is increasingly becoming order of the day.

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