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Relocating is a big deal. At Crown Relocations, we take the quality of our service and the personal care of our clients seriously. Although we have checks in place to ensure exceptional service at every stage of the relocation process, nothing says “outstanding service” as well as hearing it directly from our clients.




Dec 2019

"Crown is a perfect relocation partner. They take care of everything right from packing your stuff at your home location, shipping it to the destination location and then delivering and unloading your stuff at the destination location. They make the entire process hassle-free. Crown even makes to feel at home at destination location with a world-class local team helping you on local orientation, finding the right accommodation, school assistance, handling your paperwork on residence card and others. I strongly recommend Crown Relocations. They will make your relocation look so easy. You just have to sit back and focus on other tasks."

Himanshu M
Gurgaon (India) to Copenhagen (Denmark)

Nov 2019

"Fully satisfied by the services provided, I would definitely recommend CROWN."

Prashantraddi S
Bengaluru (India) to Gothenburg (Sweden)

Oct 2019

"CROWN has been very pro-active in trying to understand my needs and also very responsive whenever I had questions. I am very happy to have had their support for my relocation, just made my transition very smooth."

Meghana A
Bengaluru (India) to Hamburg (Germany)

Sep 2019

"Every one from the front end to the back end deserve praise and appreciation for the work done. I really liked the professionalism, punctuality, the approach towards the work right from the inception to the completion. The response is prompt, the personnel are well informed about the issue and the support provided was great. This was my first personal experience with Crown and I am very happy and satisfied.."

Vishal M
Mumbai (India) to Pyeongtaek (South Korea)

Aug 2019

"They helped me in extending my work visa and dependent visa for my family. It was seamless and a very good experience."

Binu S
Mumbai (India) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Jul 2019

"The entire process of relocation was very well managed. Any queries that I had were quickly resolved and the guidance received was commendable."

Akash K
Mumbai (India) to Perth (Australia)

Jun 2019

"Every touch point we had with Crown has been a delightful experience."

Subhas G
Bengaluru (India) to Sydney (Australia)

May 2019

"Very good experience. All our queries were well understood and responded to in short time. Excellent service and coordination."

Onkar P
Pune (India) to Gothenburg (Sweden)

Apr 2019

"Excellent & prompt service. Highly recommended."

Sandeep S
Belgaum (India) to Erlangen (Germany)

Mar 2019

"The overall performance of Crown Relocations in handling my shipment from Delhi, India to Whangarei, New Zealand exceeded my expectations. I am very happy and will surely use the services of Crown Relocations again in our next overseas move."

Maria A
New Delhi (India) to Whangarei (New Zealand)

Feb 2019

"All of the people involved in the logistics of the movement were very kind and helpful, and extremely professional. The entire movement was handled in a very professional manner, including the home search services. Very thorough and professional. Quick turnaround times."

Anghrija C
Gurugram (India) to Chennai (India)

Jan 2019

"They had instant responses for emails , they reached out to me and did understand the situation. This is one of the best mobility companies that I have seen. Great stuff!!"

Maneesh M
Chennai (India) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Dec 2018

"I am really very happy with the services of Crown Relocations."

Gokulraj S
Chennai (India) to Frankfurt (Germany)

Nov 2018

"My relocation experience was so smooth that I never felt that I have moved from another country. It was very well organized and prompt support provided wherever required. I truly appreciate the responsiveness and all the support provided to me and my family."

Hariom U
Hyderabad (India) to Basel (Switzerland)

Oct 2018

"Premchandar Dhivakaran - my initial contact in Crown India was very professional and attentive to details. Overall service from Crown was very good."

Jefrry W
Bengaluru (India) to Kilcoy (Australia)

Sep 2018

"Thank you Crown for the seamless support throughout my relocation. Managed it very professionally and quite supportive in the process. I'd confidently recommend your services to anyone!"

Srinivasan T
Mumbai (India) to Penang (Malaysia)

Aug 2018

"The first time when we used the services of Crown was when we lived overseas. Crown was employed to move our goods from Vietnam to Mumbai. Within Mumbai too, I have always sought the services of Crown Relocations. The crew as always was extremely helpful and polite during my recent move to Bangalore. I can’t thank them enough for helping me settle into my new home! Crown Relocations will be my choice of movers again when I move into my new renovated house!"

Radha S
Mumbai (India) to Bangalore (India)

July 2018

"Neema Pillai has provided exceptional support and local guidance during the recent home search I have undertaken. She has been very quick to respond to queries and helped solve any potential problems. All much appreciated. Thanks very much."

Jon H
Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) to Mumbai (India)

June 2018

"Overall, it was a very good experience with Crown. I am very happy that I chose Crown for my relocation"

Manjunath A
Bengaluru (India) to Paris (France)

May 2018

"The Crown team was very professional in their approach to packing and loading. All the goods reached at the destination without a scratch! The cartons and other packing materials used were of very good quality. Overall, it was a great experience."

Shaji K
Mumbai (India) to Coimbatore (India)

Apr 2018

"The services provided were very good and we did not face any difficulty. The best part was that timely updates were given about our shipment. The entire process was very smooth :)"

Himanshu S
Jaipur (India) to Quezon City (Philippines)

Mar 2018

"Muthukrishnan really managed our entire move with care. Muthu, you have made a friend in us. Great service...will use Crown whenever we move next!!!."

Siddhaarth I
Pune (India) to Dubai (UAE)

Feb 2018

"Vikranta Kadam from Mumbai team answered each and every query of ours and guided us well. She is really good and professional. The entire process was carried out seamlessly."

Guwanyu Y
Johannesburg (South Africa) to Mumbai (India)

Jan 2018

"The entire Mumbai and Colombo team were exceptional. The entire relocation went very well and was managed professionally. It was an extremely smooth transition for us, thanks to Crown. I would definitely recommend them."

Abhishek H
Mumbai (India) to Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Dec 2017

"All the consultants have been very proactive and responsive. For me it was a first time relocation and I was anxious, however, Crown handheld through the entire process. "

Sameer Mohan K
Mumbai (India) to Singapore

Nov 2017

"The team in India handled the entire move professionally. All goods were packed thoroughly and the packing team was good. Overall a seamless relocation experience."

Christa G
Bengaluru (India) to Frankfurt (Germany)

Oct 2017

"Overall it was a pleasant experience. Never felt alienated in a new place as Crown was just a call away."

Shashi Kumar N
Bengaluru (India) to Augsburg (Germany)

Sep 2017

"Satisfied with the overall experience . Top class service - quick and accurate responses were received throughout. Keep it up."

Ananthanarayana L
Mumbai (India) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


Aug 2017
''Relocating to another country can be stressful, complicated and time consuming. But Crown was there on every step to help make the process a lot simpler and easier. Very helpful staff and experts in their domain. Keep doing the great job."
Mohammed I
Bengaluru (India) to Warsaw (Poland)


July 2017
''Smooth movement; quick, efficient and extremely professional staff. The team managed to pack and unpack over 45 cartons within half a day at both origin and destination. I would highly recommend Crown for international cargo movement."
Nikhil N
Mumbai (India) to Singapore


June 2017
''The packaging team members worked very patiently and were very cooperative. The service provided by Crown team was excellent and so far has been my best experience."
Ranjana D
Ahmedabad (India) to Bangkok (Thailand)


May 2017
"Excellent Service provided by team during the entire move process making it a seamless experience."
Pralhad K
Bangalore (India) to Melbourne (Australia)


May 2017
"Overall a good experience, all items arrived in excellent condition with zero damage / breakage."
Ajit K
Bangalore (India) to Toulose (France)


May 2017
"From the moment we met in India until the delivery of the furniture in our new house in Santiago the service of Crown have been professional, patient and friendly."
Federico V
New Delhi (India) to Santiago (Chile)


April 2017
"I wish to complement Santosh on going the extra mile during customs proceedings. I realized customs is a critical process especially at Chennai and this was compounded by added diligence across all shipments by the port authorities since Friday. In spite of this Santosh managed the routines extremely well."
Samba Sivan S
Singapore to Chennai (India)


Apr 2017
"I am really pleased with the knowledge and skills of your staff. Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship that means more than just making a sale.
I would love to recommend your company to anyone who needs a relocation service in the future. Keep up the good work. Thanks for a successful relocation."

Krishan R
Delhi (India) to Chandigarh (India)


Mar 2017
"I would like to thank you for all the help in making this easy for me. The packers were very professional, quick and efficient. I have used other services in the past but this team was the best among all the teams that I have seen." 
Kranthi Ram N
Hyderabad (India) to Sydney (Australia)


Mar 2017
"Availability, watchfulness and punctuality of your staff members are laudable and valuable.
Good service - keep going."

Dimitri F
(France) to Delhi (India)

February 2017
“The key to a successful move is the process of packing & that was given the greatest attention by Crown Worldwide. Your company’s excellent & exemplary service rendered during our relocation is commendable. 
We would strongly recommend Crown Worldwide, for safe and stress free shifting.”
Rugan K
Office relocation within Bengaluru (India)
February 2017
“This has really been a stress free relocation at both the locations (Mumbai and Pune). The co-ordination and supervision on your part was flawless and took care of all the concern areas. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the relocation experience. Crown has always been a pleasure to interact with and this experience was no different.” 
Saransh M
Pune (India) to Mumbai (India)
January 2017
“Crown Relocations is not new to me and my association with Crown started from 2002.  
I would like to mention that though this is a small intrastate move, it was handled very well. I would like to place on record your excellent Customer Care and commitment to work. Overall it was a smooth move and we are very happy.” 
Chitra RK
Chennai (India) to Bengaluru (India)
January 2017
“The packing was done very well in a timely manner without causing me any stress. Instructions were clearly followed. Very happy with the process.”
Karthik M
Mumbai (India) to Bengaluru (India)

December 2016
“The experience was good and the packing was done quite efficiently.The staff was well equipped and well trained.”

Sushant T
Ahmedabad (India) to Hyderabad (India)


December 2016
“I had a wonderful experience! Received all my goods in good condition, the way it was packed. It was seamless as I did not have to break a sweat to get the things transferred, right from packing to delivery. Thanks for all the support.”

Ajeeta B
Kolkota (India) to New Delhi (India)


December 2016
“Time and again, during 2015 and 2016, as we opened the packs, we were left with amazement for the great job that the Crown team has done. Each of the items, whether the master sofa or the 150 year old antique 'bar' storage unit, or as small as a shot glass, was so carefully and meticulously packed! For a large move covering 345 boxes, it is a near miracle that there was not even a single damage. Full marks and beyond to the Hyderabad crew. We will continue to recommending you guys. Keep up the great work!”

Nishtha L
Hyderabad (India) to New York (US)


December 2016
“The packing of home goods is completed. I appreciate Mr. Jamal and his entire team for their sincere and quality work. The entire team was soft-spoken and took great understanding and care in our requirements and concerns. I hope the same kind of Crown quality, care and understanding will be executed at Australia as well. Thanks...keep it up.”

Anupam S
Mumbai (India) to Sydney (Australia)


December 2016
“I really appreciate their patience and courtesy throughout this move. The crew went out of their way to make things easier for us and worked at our pace. Really excellent work. Also a big thank you to you for coordinating everything so seamlessly, and Aditya for taking care of everything at his level. This was one of the toughest moves so far for us and your team helped us immensely - their wonderful can-do attitude made everything easier.”

Anand C
Tampa (US) to Mumbai (India)


November 2016
“I would like to thank your team and yourself, for making our relocation from Delhi to Sydney, a cake walk. It was a matter of a couple of hours within which your team diligently and professionally, packed all our things. The entire process has been really neat and smooth. Thank you for all your time and effort.”

Priyam G.
Audit and Advisory services
New Delhi (India) to Sydney (Australia)


November 2016
“I want to compliment the Gurgaon team lead by your supervisor Ashok and Rajesh along with the rest of the crew who did an outstanding job. Perfect packing and stuffing on to the container! They were the best ever packers I have seen in my six moves of which five were international. The Coimbatore and Chennai team both did a splendid job as well. The car.... which I was so concerned about came in an original condition. So relieved.”

Anantharaman B.
Delhi (India) to Chennai & Coimbatore (India)


November 2016
“I am extremely grateful for the support Crown provided me for my relocation to India. As a result of which my relocation to India was very smooth.I would especially want to appreciate your efforts in securing the timely delivery of my cargo. In spite of few delays from my side, you managed the procurement from airport, storage and delivery of the cargo extremely well. Also being the point of contact in India correspondence with you was very efficient. I would also want to thank the delivery team as the cargo was handled very well and safely.”

Vinay S.
Manufacturing industry
Clermont – Ferrand (France) to Delhi (India)


November 2016
“My consignment arrived very safely and even earlier than l expected. The service l got both from India and Botswana is immeasurable. Crown is really an international company with the best service ever. I really appreciated the work which was done by the packing crew i.e. Deepak and his crew. Those guys are professional packers.”

B. Bonnie Phiri
Delhi (India) to Gaborone (Botswana)


October 2016
“The delivery came on Friday evening and the team were on time (early!) and worked very hard until about midnight with the unloading and the assembly of the furniture. I was very impressed with their professional attitude and diligent work. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with their work.”

Christopher C.
Audit & Advisory Services
London (The United Kingdom) to Hyderabad (India)


October 2016
“All thanks to Dinu for his excellent leadership and management that has enabled his team for this outstanding service so far. He has been very proactive in his engagement and providing timely help and resolving my queries even late evening. Dinu’s team has been fantastic in terms of organizing the whole packaging, stuffing and moving goods at my place in Mumbai. All his team members were highly skilled, well experienced, and very cordial. The overall experience so far from Mumbai – movement/ storage pick up has been outstanding.”

Parth P.
Banking & Financial Services
Mumbai (India) to London (United Kingdom)


October 2016
“I would like to thank you and your team for all the assistance in making this move a pleasant experience. We are glad to have received very professional service from the point the goods were picked up from U.S.A to delivery in India and help with the claims process.”

Sudip K.
Banking & Financial Services
Florida (USA) to Pune (India)


October 2016
“I take this opportunity to thanks you & Samuel for talking us across the city of Pune. It was really a great experience and at least helped us to remember most important places across Pune in one single day. It was a memorable and wonderful experience. Thanks once again for your support.”

Ravichandran D.
Oli & Gas industry
Bangalore (India) to Pune (India)


October 2016
“On behalf of the High Commission I wish to appreciate the work done by you and your team. We have witnessed your expertise in the field of packaging and moving. I would recommend Crown Relocations in all professional movements. I greatly value and cherish your good work and wish all the success in your future endeavors.”

Anita K.
Delhi (India) to Delhi (India)


August 2016
“Thank you very much for your professionalism and how Crown handled this shipment. The packing and unpacking was really perfect and quick. Also wanted to thank you for keeping me informed during the entire process about next steps. You did an amazing job trying to prepare me for all the difficulties in advance But overall I was really happy with the service provided. I see a lot of advantages having the same company packing and unpacking and handling the whole shipment from end-to-end. I would recommend Crown for any relocation.”

Rosza S.
Banking & Financial Services
Budapest (Hungary) to Chennai (India)


August 2016
“Thanks for all the effort and support extend for moving my shipping from the US. You guys were fabulous and kept on having the communication channels open and kept me posted on the progress on a regular basis. I would definitely say Crown should be a preferred vendor for long distance movements. Also I would like to thank Saikat who pulled lot of confidence when having the initial conversation and Prem who was very diligent in being transparent and updating the progress on the shipment on a regular basis and helping from all the logistic front. ”

Venkat R.
Audit & Advisory firm
Hermitage (The United States) to Hyderabad (India)


August 2016
“I just wanted to send e-mail for you to know how hard work Bonny has done to find home for us in Mumbai. He did his best and succeeded in every action he undertook for us. It was not easy to find a home for us. Boni kept us updated of all things going on, always. We like him very much - he is easy-going and reliable. So big thanks to Boni; he made relocation easier and smoother for our family. He is also good with children, all our three daughters like him a lot!”

Johana A.
Multinational clothing retail firm
Delhi (India) to Mumbai (India)


August 2016
“I wish to put this on record that I received commendable support from you and your team all throughout the transit and delivery period. Especially you were a great support to keep me updated on my shipment and to promptly coordinate at all the stages right through till final delivery. I thank you for the support and wish you all the best for your future.”

Ankur K.
Banking & Financial Services
Accra (Ghana) to Delhi (India)


August 2016
“All thanks to Dinu for his excellent leadership and management that has enabled his team for this outstanding service so far. He has been very proactive in his engagement and providing timely help and resolving my queries even late evening.They have been fantastic in terms of organizing the whole packaging, stuffing and moving goods at my place in Mumbai. All team members were highly skilled, well experienced, and very cordial. The overall experience so far from Mumbai – movement/ storage pick up has been outstanding.Hoping for your continued support.”

Parth P.
Banking & Financial Services
Mumbai (India) to London (The United Kingdom)


July 2016
“I would like to thank you and your team for coordinating the entire exercise (the second time). Proactive communication, timely updates, accommodating requests and patiently dealing with it all adds up to the customer experience. We did not experience any problem with any of the boxes. Appreciate all the efforts put in helping us move my stuff to US and also moving it back to Mumbai.”

Dinesh K.
Mumbai (India) to Atlanta (The United States)


July 2016
“I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent services that we received from Crown Relocations. Special mention for Mr. Ali and his team in Kolkata and Paramjit and his team in Gurgaon. Thank you for the excellent services.”

Ushasis S.
Delhi (India) to Kolkata (India)


July 2016
“Just now packing done and my household items loaded in the truck - I am truly happy with your team's services. All the packers were very professional and courteous. I have used international shipping in the past on couple of occasions and was impressed with the work today!”

Ratan V.
Audit & advisory services
Hyderabad (India) to Toronto (Canada)


July 2016
“Your team did a great job in packing the stuff. They seem to have done it quite professionally.”

Manish S.
Banking & financial services
Hyderabad (India) to Shanghai (China) and Noida (India)


July 2016
“Both the packing and unpacking of my Mumbai to Delhi shipment were done with extreme care. The teams were very good at packing, moving and loading/unloading. The marking and listing of each carton's contents was good, so it was easy to identify and place them. Plus, while moving the items, there was no damage to stairwells, the drive way, the floor or walls etc. They kept very good time, and since the team was large, it was all over quickly and smoothly. The supervisor kept a good eye on each team member and made sure it was all well-coordinated. On the whole I am very happy (as I always have been) with Crown Relocation shifts between 3-4 ASEAN countries over the last 10-15 years.”

Priya T.
Mumbai (India) to Delhi (India)


June 2016
“Tatsat Upadhyay did all good works to ensure that everything happens well right from presales to execution of Operations. It was quite a pleasant experience working with Crown. Wish you all the Best and look forward to work with you.”
Satya P.
Real estate
Bangalore (India) to Bangalore(India)


June 2016
“The survey, onboarding, packing and moving were all done very well. Your team is very professional and they took care in handling our items. I look forward to the same level of service at the Bucharest side.”
Abhinav S.
Financial services
Bangalore (India) to Bucharest(Romania)

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