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Are you moving abroad in 2018? Are you worried about your child during this in-between period? Children stories can be your ally!

Let’s admit it: moving abroad can be a confusing time for children. Changing homes, attending a new school, making friends… All these can be scaring for them, but don’t panic! Remember this is just temporal and it will definitely prepare them for changing environments later on in life. 

Fortunately, nowadays there is a lot of support and many resources are available to soften this process. Something which works extremely well for plenty of families is using children books focused on moving into a new country. They can help you in explaining what a relocation is, how it can look like and to encourage your child to express his or her feelings about it.  

Have a look at some of our children books suggestions and if you are looking for additional support during your family relocation -before, during or after your move- don’t hesitate to speak with one of our consultants. 

B at home

Written by the co-founder of Families in Global Transition, Ruth E. Van Reken, this book explains the story of Emma, a ten-year-old girl who will be moving for the third time in her life. The book shows the contradictory feelings that she has –sadness, excitement, nervousness…- and her search for “home”. 

The mission of Detective Mike 

Mike is suspicious about his parents. Something is happening and he doesn’t know it..yet. But, as a young detective, he discovers soon the secret: the family is moving to another country. Co-authored by the experienced expatriate psychologist Simone T. Costa Eriksson, this book will be an easy reading for your children and help them find strategies to settle in.  

Moving House 

For the smaller ones, this book will show how moving is a positive experience and a discovery journey in a new environment. The colorful illustrations will catch your child’s attention and after reading it, he or she will be ready to embark on the relocation journey!

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