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Books for relocations
December 3, 2017
Are you moving abroad in 2018? Are you worried about your child during this in-between period?...
Canada is definitely a country to consider moving to
November 3, 2017
Are you tired of the negative economic outlook in Italy? Would you like to leave the country to...
Your home abroad: Some tips
October 2, 2017
The decision is taken: you are leaving Italy. Now the preparation period starts and it isn’t a...
Repatriation, going back to the home country
September 1, 2017
Your expat period is almost over. Now it’s time to “pack” and go back home. You might be thinking...
Work and moving abroad
August 2, 2017
Crisis, globalization and improved communications… The current trends seem to make easier than ever...
Packing your belongings when going abroad
July 3, 2017
What do all those people relocating from Italy have in common? That they don’t have enough...

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