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Are you leaving Saudi Arabia soon? Have you already started planning your international move but you feel there is something missing? Check our top-five things to do before your departure.


The time of leaving has arrived. You are going to leave the Kingdom and move abroad. However, arranging an international move is easier said than done. The number of things one needs to organize before an international move can be overwhelming (arranging visas, canceling contracts, finding accommodation..). What it’s worse is that not doing a certain step at the right time might end up with extra costs or a delay in your departure. 

If you don’t want any last minute surprise, have a look at our top tips before leaving Saudi Arabia

1. Passport and visas

Set some time aside to apply for your visa – if you need one- as depending on the country you are moving to, it can take some time. 

Also, don’t forget about your passport! Make sure it’s valid for your whole trip. There is nothing worse than noticing one day before your move that your passport is about to expire! 

2. Shipping your belongings

If you are planning to take furniture, white goods, and other big items, you will definitely require the services of an international moving company. Ask with some notice for quotes – at least a couple of months with advance- to make sure you can organize your move calmly on your desired traveling date. 

3. Cancelling contracts

Finding the best location to live, setting up the utilities, contracting basic services… Most of the people focus on all the things to be done on arrival. However, equally important –or even more- is to terminate or cancel all the services contracted in Saudi Arabia before one moves. 

This involves contacting water companies, calling your internet firm, getting in touch with your bank… All these within the required notice period. A long process which will definitely require time and patience from your side!

4. Certificates and translations

If you have qualifications and other important documents in Arabic, it’s a good idea to check if you need any translation of them either in English or in another language. Searching for a translator and get the documents translated might take some time -  and you probably don’t want to postpone your departure because of a missing translation!

5. Don’t forget about the souvenirs

Before leaving the country, it’s always a good idea to buy some local products, both for you and as gifts for family, friends or work colleagues. What about getting some dates, ithar or some Saudi traditional dresses? 

Do you need a hand on your move? Our Crown Consultants can help you! 

5 things to do before leaving Saudi Arabia

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