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Moving from Turkey to Australia is only part of the adventure when it comes to relocating. There are a lot of experiences awaiting you, here are our top five things to do within the first month of arriving in your new home country.

Know Australia’s Nature
Australia is home to a lot of the world’s most exotic and incredible creatures. When you start to discover your new environments be sure to look out the local wildlife. With large number of national parks, zoos and marine surroundings to discover there will be a lot of great places to enjoy the native animals near you. As well as going to some of the world famous places Australia has to offer: swim with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark in the Ningaloo Reef or to watch the penguins on Phillip Island.

Try the local gastronomy
The national favorite dish is the meat pie, this Aussie specialty is served with a large serving of tomato sauce. You should also try and enjoy the Tim Tam explosion, the Australian version of dipping biscuits. This is certainly one native tradition to give a go with your precious supply of English tea.

Don’t miss the Australian Rules Football
Australian Rules Football (AFL) should  be definitely something you need to see during your stay, it will be like nothing you have ever seen before in your live. A mixture of basketball, football and, rugby . Players can use any part of their bodies to catch the ball where they need, using their hands, kicking and running as long as the ball is bounced regularly. Matches comprise of two squads of 18 players each and points are earned when players kick the ball between the opposing team’s goal posts.

Enjoy Melbourne’s Gastronomy
Australis is home to passionate foodies and ambitious chefs there will be many great dishes as well as original places for you to choose between. The city is varied in the types of food that they have to offer, with inspiration from Europe to Asia as well as creating new experiences from the capital itself.

Have a Barbie on the Beach
It could be too obvious but your first month would not be complete without a barbecue on the beach. The favorite Australian pass time, with the perfect chance to sit back with the food sizzling nearby, and a VB (the nations favourite beer) relax and enjoy the peaceful environment.

Of course this is only the beginning of your new adventure in Australia.



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