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Finishing university is the best time to consider a move overseas for young people. They have more opportunities to seek jobs in different parts of the world. Some cities around the world are all around more appealing for various reasons, whether it’s the cost of living, wages or the cultural attractions. Some of the best cities to live if you happen to be young were ranked in a recent survey by Youthful. Five best cities for a moving overseas for young people

Toronto is one of the most desirable cities in the world for young people to move to. According to the survey, the thriving jobs market and high salaries that rank above the average for graduates are the main reasons for its charm with the young crowd. The city is also highly cosmopolita, has superb nightlife and is increasing as a leading city in the fashion and arts areas. It is also ranked highly for public space, sport and gaming.

Berlin could be the place for you if you fancy being thrown in to a mix of dazzling culture in a city that works hard and plays even harder than. The capital has a vibrant music and film scene and is packed full of attractions including museums, Zoologischer Garten, Aquarium and the historic Berlin Wall.

Dallas is the perfect destination for ambitious young people. It is ranked as the 2nd city in the world for youth Entrepreneurship and this is due to the amount of large corporations bases here that are keen to hire the keenest talent from all over the world. The city also has plenty of public space, sports and gaming facilities.

New York City
New York city has long been a popular destination for young people seeking to ‘make something’ out of their lives. Lot of young people move there after finishing their education period to begin their careers. According to the index from youthful cities, the city ranks second in the world for youth employment. Finance, banking, media and arts are the main sectors that young people are finding opportunities in.

Paris is well known for being the city of fashion and art, and according to youthful cities this makes it one of the best cities to move for young people. Graduate Job opportunities in Paris’s quirky fashion and art sector as well as a great nightlife scene all add to its attractive qualities. It also ranked highly for having good digital access.


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