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How will my children go to school? How do I go to work? Can we move easily around the area? These are some of the questions that you might have after leaving Bahrain and becoming an expat in a new country.
If you have just relocated to China and you are thinking the car is the best way to move around, don’t rush into your decision. Crown Relocations offers you this short guide to help you decide which option is the best for you.
First step: Is driving my best choice?
Before starting the procedures to obtain a valid driving licence in China, it is worth checking that the car is your best choice to move around. In particular, you should consider:
- The availability of public transport in your area:
o Price
o Schedules
o Reliability
o Security
- Road conditions
- Common journeys that you and your family will have to do.
Second step:  Requirements
I need to drive! If moving with your own car is the best for you, pay attention to the next two requirements:
- Your visa must be valid for over 90 days 
- You should be less than 70 years old.
Third step: Which kind of licence do I need?
Now, it is the moment to decide which kind of licence you need. Bear in mind that neither Bahrain driving licences nor an international driving ones are valid in China, as the country has not signed the Convention on Road Traffic.
In China, you can have two types of permits to drive a car:
a) Driving licence for people who live in China and they have a foreign driving licence. In this case, a medical examination should be done as well as a theoretical written exam of 100 questions. The exam is passed with an score of 90% or more. 
b) Driving licence for people living in China, without prior driving licence. Apart from a medical examination and the 100-questions exam, three other additional tests need to be done:
o a practical exam covering basic driving aspects and parking 
o a road test
o a 50-questions exam about good behaviour on the road
Do you have more questions? Contact your Crown Relocations consultant to have more information about your particular situation.
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