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The current trends seem to make easier than ever to relocate abroad and we tend to think that work is the main reason for packing our suitcases, leave friends and family and moving to a new country. Is it still true?

According to an ExpatSurvey carried out by InterNations, one of the largest expat networks worldwide, it isn’t anymore. Surprisingly as it might be, only 35% of the 14,300 expatriates surveyed worldwide mentioned their job or business as the main reason for packing their belongings and moving to a new country. 

Interestingly, not all the expats are employed in the same way neither they move abroad under the same conditions. From the 14,300 expatriates, 15% move abroad because they found a job on their own, 13% were sent abroad by their employer, 5% recruited by a local company and 3% moved because they wanted to start their own business abroad. 

Top moving destinations for work reasons 

If you are considering to relocate from Hungary, perhaps it is worth it considering to move to Germany, as it has become a popular expatriate destination. Another top moving destination for professional expats is the United Kingdom. The data of 2.1 million members of InterNations reveals the USA as the most popular country of residence for people living and working abroad. The country hosts 8% of the expat population. The US is followed by Germany (7% of the global expats population) the UK (6%), and the UAE (6%). Most expats in the United States are on assignment by their employer, contrary to that an above average number of expats in Germany, UK and the UAE have found their new job on their own. Another interesting result of the survey is that 80% of the people living in one of these top 4 countries consider themselves generally satisfied with their expatriate life.

Regarding job satisfaction there are further interesting findings: On average 64% of the global expat population are satisfied with their work abroad. Expats in the USA (68%) and in Germany (69%) show a higher satisfaction rate regarding their job. On the other hand the UK (63%) and the UAE (60%), have a below average satisfaction rate when it comes to their career abroad. These variations could be related to different industries where the expats are working (for example construction sector in the UAE).

Furthermore, the members data showed which are the most popular expat nationalities. These figures are divided up by many nations: USA, UK, India, France and Germany have the highest population of expatriates. Americans are leading these statistics with about 149,000 persons or 10% of all expats on InterNations, Americans make up the largest share of those who leave their home country. The US are followed by expats from the UK and from India with 8%t and 6% respectively. German and French expats are contributing each with 5% to the global expat community living and working abroad.

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Is work still the main motive for moving overseas?

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