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Can you imagine relocating overseas without your smartphone? Or moving to another country without your laptop? Is it worthy to ship your brand new video game console? We tell you all your need to know about moving abroad with your electrical and electronic devices.

When preparing for an international move, one of the things at the top of any expat packing list is either the smartphone or the laptops. Both devices help us to stay in touch with our beloved ones as well as keeping track of our hometown news, do online operations, track the status of our bank accounts when we are abroad… The list can be never-ending.

The reality is that electronic devices are an essential item in our lives – and despite being as essential, a lot of expats don’t pay much attention to them when preparing their international move. To avoid future worries, Crown Relocations gives you some tips on the things you should consider when moving your electrical devices abroad.

1) Is it worth to take it abroad?

At the beginning, we think we should take everything have. However, you should ask yourself some questions before making any decision:
- Do I have another device which can be used for the same purpose?
- Which voltage is used in my new location? Should I buy a power adapter before my relocation?
- Can I use my device there? Is there any government restriction regarding the use of certain electronic devices?

2) Packing

Another important thing to take into account is how you are going to pack your electrical items, especially if you are not going to have them in your hand luggage. Airports, stairs, transfers… The smallest movement can break one of the components of your electronic items, thus a good packaging is important. Two central things to consider are:
- Getting a good cover for your electronic devices
- Placing them in an area where they will not move during the journey

3) Insurance

Even if you have never had an insurance for your electronic devices, now it can be a good moment to start having one, especially if the journey is quite long. There are different options in the market which are worth to have a look considering the current prices of most of the technologic gadgets that we have.

Do you have more questions about packing your belongings for your future overseas move? Let us know!


Moving abroad with your electronics

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