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Are you about to finish your international stay in Saudi Arabia and move back to the UK? Have you started planning your next international move, this time back home? Don’t miss our tips to make the relocation back home as smooth as possible!

A lot of British expats think about the planning of an international relocation back home as an easy job. “It’s just a matter of sorting out the international shipment of our belongings”, most of them think.

While it’s true that when one goes back to the UK some things are much easier, organizing an international move back home still means “organizing an international move and readjusting to a life in a country”, in that case, a country where one hasn’t lived for a long time.

Although moving back to the UK isn’t a one-day thing, if you follow our tips, we can assure you that it will be far much easier than you expected.

1. The international movers

The first thing to plan when you are going back to the United Kingdom is how you are going to ship your belongings. Allow yourself, at least three months for this, and if you are planning to move during the high season – end of the school year or end of the year-, think about contacting international movers with much more notice.

There are a lot of international moving companies online at competitive prices. However, think about the type of move you are looking for:

- Would you like a door-to-door relocation, so the moving company packs all your belongings and also unpacks at the destination?
- Do you have a home in the UK or would you appreciate if the moving company has a storage facility, either in Saudi Arabia or in the UK, where they can keep your belongings until you find a new home?
- Are your goods protected? Is your moving company offering you an additional insurance option for your belongings?

2. A new home

Sorting out a permanent home in the UK can be a lengthy process– if you are planning to purchase a new one, it can take up to one year, depending on the area you are moving to- and normally, it can’t be started until you are already in the country.  

Thus, it might be wise to arrange for a temporal place to stay. A lot of people might choose to live with relatives and some might consider the option to book a hotel for some time. However, this last option can be quite costly. In that case, it might be worth to check websites, such as Airbnb, for a short-term rental.

If you have a property in Saudi Arabia, don’t forget to start its sale with time – it’s a lengthy process too!

3. Benefits and taxes

When you return to the UK you might have some commitments – taxes and contributions to the social security system- and you might be entitled to some benefits. This isn’t an immediate process but failure to meet your obligations might involve some sanctions.

A good page to start checking your commitments, it’s the one in the British Government.

4. Adjusting to your new home

Returning home after living abroad is not always a smooth transition. Repatriation can mean a big adjustment period for many people. Your expat period abroad surely has had an impact on your life, and you must accept that you have changed. However, your friends and relatives might have changed too during your absence. This is just a part of life, you just have to be aware that life back at home did not stop while you were away.

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