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It isn’t easy to organize a move from the scratch, especially if it’s the first time. Shipping your belongings, getting the right visas, asking for certificates… Have you thought about your pet and its relocation? Read our best tips to organize a pet relocation!

We all have so many things to plan when preparing for an international move, that we (almost completely) forget about the relocation of our pets – unless it isn’t our first move with them. The truth is that plenty of expats don’t think about how they can relocate their pets until they are booking their flight and notice that there are some restrictions.

Unfortunately, relocating your pet isn’t a one day process, but a long one, which requires time and patience. In our last article about this pet relocation series, we have asked our relocations experts to provide us with the best tips for the move and for a successful adjustment into the new country.

1. Start planning as soon as possible

From check-ups and vaccines to organizing the international transport, relocating with your pet needs a lot of preparation and it isn’t definitely a one-day thing (neither a one-week or a one-month one). That’s why, the sooner you get information about what needs to be done, the better. 

When you are moving overseas with your pet, think about contacting a specialised pet transport company member of IPATA – the International Pet and Animals Association –to ensure that your pet is transported safely to your new home.

Some specialised international moving companies, like Crown Relocations, include pet transport among their moving services, taking care of your beloved friend before, during and after the move.

Common services that you might need for your pet transport are:

- Pet transport advice
- Handling of pet documentation (passport, customs…)
- Custom-made crate

2. Flight dates

Highly probably you and your pet will take a flight to move overseas, if possible, the same one. However, bear in mind that animal seats in the flights are limited in terms of airlines allowing pets, number of animals allowed in each flights and number of flights within a same airline accepting animals.  Let your pet specialist known your preferred flight dates and airline to accommodate to your preferences.

Note: Try to have a direct flight: the departure and the landing are the parts more uncomfortable for pets. 

3.  Check what needs to be done with the experts 

Moving your pet from country to country involves some health examinations, having an up-to-date pet passport and other important check-ups. It is essential to check with a professional what needs to be done and the deadlines for doing it – for instance, some vaccines needs to be administered some days before the flight. In Crown Relocations, we are happy to advice you with these questions and practicalities

4. The trip: Having the right crate 

Before purchasing a crate for the journey, it is important that your pet is measured correctly. He  should have enough space to stand without the ears touching the roof and space to lie comfortably.

IPATA recommends that:

• Kennels should be well-aired from all sides
• They should be built with a resistant material
• The doors should close correctly without the option that the animal can open it from inside

Tips to get familiarised with the crate

First, leave the crate in a familiar place for pet. You can leave one of his favourite toys inside so it might be more tempted to go inside and explore it

o After that, try to feed him from the crate.
o When your pet is comfortable with being feed from the crate he will travel in, you can try to keep him inside for short periods of time, praising him after that.

Are you moving abroad and still haven’t planned your international move? Check our destination guides or get your personalised free moving quote now!

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