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If you are planning to move to Kobe, Japan, be prepared to enter a fashion mecca and one of Japan’s cosmopolitan cities that is famed for its Kobe beef and its therapeutic Arima Onsen (hot springs), a magnet for many Japanese seeking tranquil refuge from the relentless pace of Japan’s corporate world. 

Kobe has one of Japan’s busiest ports, prompting more than 100 multinational corporations to house their East Asia or Japan headquarters there. In one of the most densely populated regions of the world, Kobe's easy access to nature lends it an uncluttered air, while its entrenched international community lends a comforting familiarity to this city's ancient, esoteric culture. It is also less populated than Tokyo, so people can easily relax and get comfortable with the area.


What is special or unique about Kobe?

Residents in Kobe are very friendly to foreigners and love to speak with them. Kobe is in an area called Kansai, which includes Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, etc., where many historical places have beautiful natural scenery. Compared to Tokyo, Kansai is more friendly and relaxed.



Japanese. There is little challenge for foreigners. People in Kobe are used to speaking with foreigners. Cities are filled with English directions, so after a couple of weeks you will be ready to enjoy the language challenge.



You can experience all seasons, from winter snow to summer surfing. In terms of climate conditions, Japan is very unique and enjoys the best of all seasons.


Getting around

Each city in Kansai is small enough to enjoy walking around. Transportation between cities is much easier than Tokyo. It is not necessary for you to drive you own vehicle to conduct every life. Most people prefer trains, taxis and buses. For trains and subways, purchase tickets before entering the platform. Stored-value tickets are available as well as one-trip tickets. For more ticketing information, please visit Kobe City Transportation Bureau


You will not be disappointed with the life in Kobe and the longer you live here, the more comfortable you will get. If you would like to find out more about a move to Kobe, Japan click here to view our destination guides.

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