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When choosing an international moving company, there are a lot of aspects that distinguish one company from another. Some of the factors that you should consider before hiring a moving company are:

Preparing for the move:

Moving overseas, can be an exciting experience but most people don’t really know all the things they need to prepare for a successfully moving. Moving companies that give an in home visit from a skilled expert will help you in the preparation process. First of all, they will provide you with a checklist of things you need to do in advance. And they will also identify any special packaging and transportation needs.

They might also explain you other services they can provide such as : packaging, transit alternatives, insurance policies, storage in origin and destination, vehicle shipping, pet transport, house cleaning, assistance with home research, schools research or any other relocation services.

Packing Services List:

Some people like to pack their belongings themselves. However, your moving company should be able to provide both options,  an option to have your belongings professionally packed or “owner packed”. Be aware however that sometimes, transit insurance may not be provided for “owner packed” belongings

If you choose to have your belongings professionally packed, it is important that packaging process be finalised on-site. This will ensure that nothing is lost . Some important points to note are that the company has fully trained crew and that the packaging techniques provide maximum care for all items. For example:

  • Delicate items need double wrapping in tissue paper and contoured bubble wrap.
  • Paintings must be independently wrapped then packed into flat picture packs.
  • Some items such as plasma TVs or laptops need specialist care and specific made packaging.
  • For high worth items, special crates can be create for maximum safety.
  • In addition, all your packaged items will be labelled and numbered so that they can be find easily at your destination.

Transit options:

The main objective of a reputable moving company is to relocate your goods quickly, safely and with the least amount of stress for you. The transit options to consider are:

  • Transportation by road, rail or sea in containers. Loading your belongings in containers eliminates the unnecessary double handling of goods and is safe and cost effective.
  • Purpose built furniture vans are specially prepared for the only purpose of transporting household goods.
  • It is best to directly pack your belongings at your home. This decrease the number of times your belongings are handled reducing the risk of damage.
  • If you need your good quickly, you might need them to be air freighted

Storage Options:

Maybe you need to store your household goods for a short or long term period. Make sure you keep your belongings at the right storage facility with the right equipment offers you maximum safety and security . You will to consider the following:

  • Are the storage units custom built?
  • Is each consignment separated from other people’s belongings?
  • Does the facility have kiln-dried storage units to avoid condensation?
  • Is there 24 hour security? Video Security? Is there a person there?

Having an experienced specialist moving company provides you with a full range of service options to meet your specific needs.  Contact our local experts and ask for a free quote.



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