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If you’d like to experience an excellent climate all year round, miles of sandy beaches and a laid back out-doors lifestyle, Australia could be the place for you. Relocating to Australia from Ireland

With spacious affordable housing, top class international schools and a thriving economy it’s easy to see why Australia is a popular hot spot for families relocating abroad.

Here are some of the most popular Australian cities.


Melbourne is popular with expats. It has a good range of international schools, low crime rates and excellent healthcare. The city is packed with a variety of cultural and sporting activities such as tennis’ Australian Open, art exhibitions, music shows and theatre events. Aside from the action packed activity there are plenty of national parks and green spaces for families to enjoy at their leisure.


Sydney is the cosmopolitan hub of Australia and it’s busy city centre and laid-back beach lifestyle appeals to the young and the old. With over 70 beaches, scenic harbour views, a strong economy and a healthy employment rate it’s a great city to live in. There are a range of housing options available including apartments, condos and  houses in the suburbs.


Located in the southern part of the region, Adelaide is a city surrounded by green parklands and packed with entertainment facilities including the huge Rundle Mall, museums, galleries and Adelaide Zoo.  

The city has been nick named the ‘festival state’ due to the many festivals and concerts that take place through-out the year.  The Adelaide Show, and Food and Wine festivals are popular each year.

The Adelaide Hills provide the perfect place to set up a family home or to retire as the calm rural settings offer a safe and comfortable community feel a good distance away from the busy city.

The cost of housing in Adelaide is some of the lowest in Australia and whether you prefer rural or coastal there is plenty of choice.

There are also over 50 international schools in the area and many opportunities to join fun clubs, take part in activities and to make friends with people in the area.


Brisbane is Australia’s 3rd biggest city and one of the fastest growing with a population of 2 million. The beautiful city is fast paced with modern architecture and plenty of green open spaces and boasts around seven hours of sunshine each day.  Summer temperatures average at 29°C (84°F), but can occasionally hit 40°C (104°F) or more. The average winter daytime temperatures are around 21°C (70°F).

It is not uncommon to see office workers sunbathing and swimming during their lunch break and the relaxing city atmosphere transforms into an exciting buzz in the evening when restaurants for alfresco dinning and cocktail bars dominate the evening activities.

As a growing city, expats shouldn’t find it hard to find suitable employment and house prices are generally less than in Sydney or Melbourne.



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