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For Chris and Theresa Dommet, living abroad is not unusual – it has become their lifestyle. 

Chris and Theresa Dommet are expats, experienced expats. They have moved abroad twelve and six times respectively – and they love it! We have talked with Theresa to know more about her experience.

Why did you decide to begin this adventure? 

Chris career brought us to Kuwait. 

How is a typical day for you here?

Typically, we are up early to walk our dogs before it gets too warm and before work.  Then work and then if it is the summer, we usually play golf or if winter then we normally come home, walk the dogs again and we are normally out several evenings a week whether it is a business event, a social event or a community event.  There are so many great cultural events in Kuwait between November and March that it is non-stop 

What are the main differences with your home country?

The biggest difference is that no alcohol or pork is allowed in the country. It does make a healthy lifestyle.  Also, there is a mosque located on almost every square mile.  

Which challenges did you face during your relocation and how did you overcome them? 

Because we have two dogs it was tough trying to find a place to rent that would allow dogs.  It was very limited for the areas that we wanted to live.  But we found a place that we love.   The paperwork, as in any country, takes also time and lots of patience.

Have you had any funny or interesting story to share about your expat experience? 

Because we live in a Muslim country,  you can see and experience many aspects of the Islamic religion, such as  Eid Al Adha,  the Feast of the Sacrifice. In the months before Eid, we would pass a home while walking our dogs that had two sheep grazing on the front lawn.  They were being fattened up.  Then on the first day of Eid Al Adha, they had disappeared.  The meat is shared with the families and those less fortunate.   Even in our local shopping area, there was a tent set-up where you could purchase your own goat or sheep.  We passed on the offer. 

Which advice would you give to any expat?

You have to embrace any new place and try/experience as much as you can.  Never say no to join a group or an invitation to a cultural/social event.  


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