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The countdown to Christmas is underway, many of you will be preparing to travel home to celebrate with your friends and families. With a limited time, it is extremely important to plan your visit carefully. If you aren’t the planner-organized type of person, here are some tips for you when planning to travel home for Christmas: they will not only save you some time but money too!  

Don’t travel at peak times

If you have a bit of flexibility in your traveling times, try to avoid the days just before and after Christmas. Crowds, high-prices and the risk of delays and overbookings doesn’t really worth it!

Duty-free airport areas 

What are you going to bring to your family and friends for Christmas? This is one of the major concerns of many expats. First, you cannot bring heavy stuff – it will take all your luggage allowances, something fragile might break, food is tricky as there might be country restrictions… Why not buy something in the duty-free at the airport? 

Take advantage of your airport time and make some last minute Christmas shopping!

 Duty-free airport areas

Organize your time

After months or even years living abroad, you might want to see old friends and meet with as many people as possible when you are “home”. Make a list of all the people you would like to meet and let them know with as much notice as possible when and for how long you will be there. Also, try to think about the things you really like of your hometown – walking in a particular park, visit a certain shop, eat your favorite food or even discovering new things about it too (check out our destination guides)- and set aside some extra time to do them. Time flies when you are having fun!

Travelling back home for Christmas planning tips for expats

After planning and sorting everything out for your trip home, perhaps it’s time for you to also emotionally prepare yourself for your journey home. Hope you have a happy Christmas with your friends and families!


Travelling back home for Christmas: Planning tips

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