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Relocating is a big deal. At Crown Relocations, we take the quality of our service and the personal care of our clients seriously. Although we have checks in place to ensure exceptional service at every stage of the relocation process, nothing says “outstanding service” as well as hearing it directly from our clients.


January 2019
"Globally very satisfied as our moving arrived in due date. No delay at all. Proactivity is a main driver. Advanced phone contact to double check our availability. Finally no surprise. Absolutely no damage. Very dedicated to customer satisfaction"
Mr. Dominique C.
Yeoncheon (South Korea) to Yeoncheon (South Korea)


Nov 2018
"Excellent Crisis Mgmt. - Renelle Lewis 2011 Emergency - NYC After shipping from Seoul May 2011, by August my business world unexpectedly collapsed. Amandine and Caroline intuitively understood my problem. They both helped me stabilize and plan a course of payment. By their efforts, for the next 7 years, Credit Suisse Bank made it possible for me to pay by personal check (no wire fees) to Crown Relocations. I am a very little fish - this was unbelievable! This made it possible to keep my storage in place. "
Ms. Renelle L.
Cheonan-Si(South Korea) to Geneva (Switzerland)


July 2018
"Was a nice service. Thanks."
Ms. Shuwan L.
Seoul (South Korea)to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


July 2018
"Saranya & Senguttuvan: Continuous follow -up and timely updates. Senguttuvan helped to deal with Chennai customs efficiently."
Mrs. Seetharan A.
Goeje island (South Korea) to Tamil Nadu (India)


May 2018
"Claudia Yeung: Claudia understood my busy holiday travel situation and helped me a lot with the visa approval and managed to get one without any issues. I so much appreciate her professionalism and her effort to get the job done. Thank you."
Mr. Hyunseok R.
Seoul (South Korea) to Hong Kong


April 2018
"SALEM: A very professional mover, well organized and a leader for his team. Excellence of Crown overall services. I used Crown end-to)end from my first relocation from Paris to Hong Kong, then from Hong Kong to Seoul and back from Seoul to Paris. Nothing to complain about for these 3 moves."
Mr. Francois M.
Seoul (South Korea) to Brunoy (France)


March 2018
"Linea Dawn Agas: She was trying to understand what I would like to have. And she provided all the possible options for me even it was not fully fit my needs. Appreciated her support. Thanks for your agile and contribution. And I believed that this made my family happy and able to settle down well."
Private Customer
Seoul (South Korea) to Cavite(Philippines)


March 2018
"Jamie Lee ( Lee Seong Ho) and his crew: Prompt response / Professional attitude. Thank you."
Private Customer
Seoul (South Korea) to Greenville (United States)


Feburary 2018
"Thanks, Karen Pang, for your extraordinary service. For your help, I was able to start to work on time."
Ms. Gui Soon Y
Seoul (South Korea) to Hong Kong


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