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Education is an important part of every child’s life, no matter where they are from or where they are moving. Fortunately, it won’t be hard for families to find great education in France, from state-funded schools to fee-paying private classes, each having their own advantages. It is mandatory for children between the age of six and sixteen to attend school, but the French government announced in 2018 that is will be mandatory for every child from the age of three. (from September 2019)

It is very difficult for expat children to integrate into the French school system. The language issues and the different teaching methods can be very hard and confusing for children, that is why most expat families choose international schools.

International Schools

International schools are a good choice for globally mobile families, especially if they are only staying in France for a short period of time, or they just want their children to continue studying in their mother tongue. Unfortunately, international schools can’t be found just anywhere, so if you are thinking about moving and you prefer international schools, check up on some of their locations before you decide on a destination.

Bilingual Schools

Bilingual schools are also a popular choice for expat families, because they follow the French curriculum but they also offer a balance between French and English. This enables children to integrate as fast possible, but parents are advised to make sure that they choose a school which diplomas are recognised in other countries in case there are plans to move forward into higher education.
There are also French schools with an international section, but they don’t automatically offer the International Baccalaureate.

National Schools

A number of national schools are also available for expatriate families, mostly in Paris. These institutions offer an academic program based on a foreign national model of education. They are mostly attractive to those who move more frequently.

Making the decision

Making the decision about education is not easy, but in the end it depends on the needs of each family and their specific situation, like the age of the child, their ability to learn new languages, the duration of their stay in the country etc.

International schools are good for children, because they can learn about other cultures, it teaches them that there should be no discrimination or that our differences are what make us special. It is also important that a school offers extracurricular activities like creative arts or competitive sports. This way children can feel part of their community and the integration process becomes much easier.  

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Education in France

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