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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (or more simply, the UK) is best known for its iconic Union Jack flag, its Queen (Elizabeth II) and its capital city, London. It brings together four countries—England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales—in an unlikely union.

Despite being united beneath one flag, each of these countries harbors a fierce sense of national pride. Scotland, for example, has retained its own church, currency, a separate legal system and its own language (Scottish Gaelic). This national pride has fostered mutual, irreverent mocking among the four nations. Did you ever hear the one about the Englishman, the Irishman and the Scotsman…?

Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeen


Aberdeen, the ‘Oil Capital of Europe’ and Scotland’s ‘Silver City’ (on the rare occasion that the sun breaks through the clouds), is best-known for...
Birmingham city architecture


Birmingham: fun, exciting, forward-looking, fantastic. Second only to London in terms of population, it is the beating heart of England’s West...
Bristol architecture


Once the UK’s second-strategic port, the City of Bristol is still firmly on the nation’s radar, churning out household names such as comedians ‘...
Edinburgh city skyline


Edinburgh: seat of Scottish parliament, and city of festivals. Scotland’s stately capital reclines at the foot of Arthurs Seat, a rocky outcrop that...
Glasgow city skyline


Glasgow, the ‘Green Hollow’, is Scotland’s biggest city. Its financial district - irreverently nicknamed “ Wall Street on Clyde” - is one of the UK’s...
Statue in Leeds city square


Located in the heart of the UK, the historic market town of Leeds has swelled over the centuries to become the UK’s fourth-largest city and the UK's...
Big Ben London


London, the principal financial center of the planet (alongside New York City’s Wall Street), is an energetic, world cultural capital. It is the...
Manchester city skyline


Think ‘Manchester’ and you can be forgiven for having the image of a football sail through your mind. Madly passionate about the sport, this city is...

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