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A new policy on Visa transfers to renewed passports is already in place in Malaysia and the Malaysian authorities are now strictly enforcing it. 

The new rule requires foreigners who have renewed their passport to take steps to transfer their visa such as employment pass and other passes into their new passport as soon as possible after renewal. Foreign nationals may be forced to apply for a new visa should they leave Malaysia before the transfer to the new passport has been made.   


Types of visa affected:

1. Employment Pass

2. Dependent Pass

3. Long-Term Social Visit Pass

4. Maid Permit 

5. Other long term passes which have been endorsed by Malaysian Immigration Department


Important points to note:

Affected foreigners must ensure the expired or expiring passport is cancelled before transferring visa onto the new one.

Failing to doing so may lead to a delay at the time of seeking immigration clearance



There is no official announcement from the authorities at the time of writing this alert. 

Authorities enforces rules on Visa transfer to renewed passports

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