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Leon Hulme, Managing Director of Crown Worldwide Group Malaysia, was recently interviewed by Essenze Magazine, where he shares his journey with Crown and his thoughts for the future of the company in Malaysia. 

In the interview, entitled “Regal Relocator”, Leon shares his beginnings, leaving school at sixteen and the career adventure which has seen him hold a variety of roles in several Crown offices, including Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand and currently as Managing Director of Crown Worldwide Group Malaysia, where he resides with his family.

Read the full article in Essenze Magazine, Vol 44. The Art of Contemporary Luxury.


Essenze magazine is a society, health and lifestyle magazine that is dedicated to discerning Malaysians. The magazine features luxury residences, cars, wines, watches, jewellery and lifestyle accessories that live up to the highest standards of quality and style.

Leon Hulme talks to Essenze Magazine

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