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The process of finding a right school in a new city can be frustrating, especially if there are limited options and different curriculum. Don’t fret, we have some tips for you to take into account in the search.

Schools and curriculums

In Malaysia, there are a number of internationals schools and private pre-school to choose from. Most international schools in Malaysia offer well-structured education – from pre-school to the end of high school/ secondary school. Many of the international schools have students from dozen of nationalities and provide a multi-cultural environment.

There are a number of curriculums available in Malaysia - American, British, Australian, French, German and Japanese. If you are likely to be in Malaysia for only a couple of years, the convenient option is to select a school that follows the same curriculum as your home country. Otherwise, you will have other option to choose from such as International Baccalaureate, an internally recognised curriculum and qualification.


The school’s location is one of the key factors. Long commute can have an impact on your child’s performance at school. Most schools offer transportation services to shuttle students to and from school. As the fees tend to vary depending on the distance between your home and the school, it is best to contact the school for more information about the pickup points, time and transportation fees.

School structure

Most international schools in Malaysia offer well-structured education – from pre-school to the end of high school/ secondary school. It will be easier for you and your family to place your children in a single school than multiple schools which takes time for your child to adapt.

Things to consider when narrowing your search

  1. Visit the schools of your few final choices and to gather information.

  2. Find out the class size and ratio of teachers to students – smaller class size provides more individual attention.

  3. Enquire about the recent examination results and the inspection reports as guidance on the students’ performance.

  4. Schools provide extra support for children’s learning needs. The sooner the school know the information, the sooner they can determine if the relevant resources are available for your child.

We provide local advice on schooling for every age, including day care and pre-schools. We can also arrange for school visits and accompany families where necessary. Let us know how we can find the right educational experience for your child.


*Photo: School principal, Mark Ford and students from Garden International School

Schooling in Malaysia: What do I need to know?

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