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Based on HSBC’s annual Expat Survey, we’ve compiled a list of destinations that are specifically catered to your priorities. Whatever it is that is most important to you right now, there is a location to suit your specific demands.

Quality of life – Sweden or New Zealand 

Sweden has topped the list once again for providing the perfect environment to raise a young family. With generous parental leave, high-quality education and superb standards for childcare, it’s no wonder why Sweden is crowned “the best place in the world to bring up a family”. 


Coming in a close second, New Zealand is one of the world’s most welcoming countries for expats with children. Equipped with everything nature has to offer, a high level of safety and general friendliness of the local population, it makes for an ideal location to bring up your young ones abroad


Career- Switzerland 


If it’s an exciting, rewarding career you’re looking for, then look no further than Switzerland. Not only does the chocolate-crazed European country boast a good work-life balance, expats also report higher levels of job security and more opportunities for career progression and acquiring new skills compared to their home country. For those relocating for a new job, Switzerland looks to be a promising destination.


Financial benefits – Dubai or Hong Kong


When it comes to generating a sizable income, all eyes are on Dubai or Hong Kong. A majority of expats in Dubai and Hong Kong report that their disposable income has increased when compared to their previous income in their home country. Expats in Saudi Arabia also report that they are able to save for retirement more quickly than at home. 


Work-life balance –Singapore


If what you seek is a good balance between work and personal life, then Singapore is the place to be. Not only does it rank first in work-life balance, it has earned the title of top city destination for the second year in a row. Although it’s a small city-state, Singapore is an island brimming with rich culture and history, combined with a powerful economy—making it a top Asian global city, rivaling Hong Kong. 


Don’t see a country you’re interested in? Check out our Destination Guides for a complete list of exciting countries.

Source: Expat Explorer Survey

Top destinations for international relocations according to your priorities

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