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France were crowned champions at the 2018 World Cup for the second time in history. For those who are bored with your current surroundings, reached a crossroads or just feel like it’s time for a new start then a move to Paris, “City of Lights” could be for you.

Situated in Western Europe and with the second largest land mass of the continent, France has a population of nearly 65 million people. The architecture, art and food here is legendary and there is always something to see or somewhere to explore. Paris, the capital city, is one of the few cities to balance a thriving business hub with an almost unrivalled quality of life, Paris is an easy city to call "home." We listed some of fast facts to help get you settled into Parisian culture.


What is special or unique about Paris?

Paris is known for being the city of fashion and according to youthful cities this makes it one of the best cities for young people. Graduate Job opportunities in Paris’s quirky fashion and art sector as well as a great nightlife scene all add to its attractive qualities. It also ranked highly for having good digital access.

French people value politeness and diplomacy. Generally, you will find Parisians to be sociable and pleasant, particularly if they are approached with a friendly smile and a polite "bonjour." Paris is also a great place to savor traditional French gourmet food as well as the best culinary samples from all over the world.



The official language here is French. If you are an English speaker, you should have no problem. English is widely spoken or at least understood, particularly by the younger generations, because it is taught as a second language in high schools. Furthermore, Paris hosts a large and diverse expat community, which means that there are probably opportunities to speak your native language if it is something other than English. Make sure that you have some basic casual and formal phrases memorized for when the occasion arises. For example:

“Bonjour!” the familiar/casual greeting for “hello”

“Au revoir!” which is the more formal “goodbye/till we meet again”

Pick up a phrase book or download a language app to get started.



The weather can be unpredictable in Paris. Average temperatures range from a usual low of 3 degrees Celsius (about 37 degrees Fahrenheit) in January and February to a high of about 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) in July and August. Paris itself is always warmer than the surrounding suburbs.


Getting around

Paris boasts one of the best underground transport systems in the world. Public transportation is excellent in Paris and its suburbs. Metros (subways), buses and RER, a fast train that connects the Paris region to the heart of the capital, run from 5:30am to 12:30am. Metro and bus tickets can be purchased at Metro stations, bus stations and at cafés that carry the blue-green symbol that represents a mass transit ticket.

If you would like to find out more about a move to France, check out our destination guides for Paris now.


World Cup special: Relocating to Paris

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