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Are you struggling to find a good Christmas gift for your children or your grandchildren? Do they have an adventurous spirit? Then, studying abroad can be the best investment for their professional success!

October, November, and December: These are the months when we all struggle…. to find the perfect gift! Perfumes, clothes, video games, laptops… beyond the typical Christmas presents, we can differentiate ourselves by offering more original gifts, such as a stay or educational period abroad. 

Who is a good candidate to study abroad?

Despite the current trend to study overseas, it’s important to admit that “studying abroad” might not be an enjoyable Christmas gift for everyone…at least right away. Some people will immediately get on a plane to take an international adventure, while others might need some time to think about the pros and cons and “process” their fears. 

To decide if a study abroad experience could be a good Christmas gift your children or grandchildren, ask yourself the following questions:

Are they…

1. curious? 

Starting in a new place definitely, requires a certain level of curiosity. Indeed, one can live in “survival mode”: do the groceries, attend lessons… However, it’s curiosity what makes an experience abroad move from being just ok to be an unforgettable experience. And curiosity appears everywhere when one lives abroad: 

- Why do they write this sign like this? Let’s ask a to a teacher! 

- This street seems different… Let’s change the way back home today and pass by here. 

- I’ve never seen such a cake before! What must this greenish be? Let’s try it!

2. adaptable?

Being easy-going with the changes, it’s a recipe for success when one lives abroad. From how to buy a train ticket to the ways of interacting with people, living overseas exposes a person to loads of new experiences on a daily basis – and one should be flexible and open-minded. Not embracing the local lifestyle will limit the experience abroad. 

3. patient?

Patience…patience to start the adventure, patience to make new friends, patience to master the language. We know that things don’t come easy in life and living abroad definitely improves a person’s patience. But too impatient people – if they aren’t aware of the challenges of living abroad- might decide to give up and come back home, before they can really start enjoying this opportunity. Watch out for this! 

Studying abroad, the perfect Xmas gift

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