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Are you an expat moving to Bahrain? If so, here it is a light-hearted look at Bahrain´s cars and driving with some top tips that might help you in case you are considering to drive while you are living here. Car’s & Driving in Bahrain


  • Drive with your eyes everywhere.
  • Expect cars to leave the highway towards a slip road at the very last second. They will also push in at the front regardless of who is in the way.
  • Expect cars to push in front of you even though they are leaving the road at the next junction.
  • Expect cars to go through red light.
  • Do expect to see children bouncing all over the car, usually on the drivers knee.
  • Do expect to see drivers eating, drinking and texting all at the same time.
  • Be aware that all drivers have to be at the front. Everyone speeds and races.


  • Expect to see any indicators used – they are optional extra’s.
  • Expect drivers to use mirrors – they are optional extra’s too.
  • Expect drivers to stop when they should – they won’t.
  • Expect a traffic cop to do anything when a driver breaks the law.
  • Expect a single person to use lane control when driving.
  • Ever give a rude gesture at another driver.
  • Ever swear at another driver – or anyone for that matter.

The new traffic laws in Bahrain that were implemented in February 2015 will hopefully change the driving for the better as will the new bus system which now covers most of Bahrain, meaning less cars on the roads.

More information about traffic available here.

About the author

Joanna Murphy

I moved around the UK more times than I can remember. I moved to Bahrain in 2012 and found out everything I could about the country, the culture, the schooling and wrote to Crown asking if my services were required - In July 2013 I was accepted as Relocation Consultant for Crown Bahrain and has never looked back. I love my job and really enjoy helping people settle in.

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