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Christmas Day is a highly anticipated religious holiday observed by many people in México. As people around the world also observe Christmas Day commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, Mexico has its own unique traditions that stand out in comparison to other countries. Here is some insight into the Mexican traditions related to the Christmas Day celebration.

About nine days before Christmas, celebrations begin with Christmas carols, reunions called “posadas”, and the popular Mexican game centered around the “Piñata.”A Pinata used in Mexico's Christmas Day Celebration

Posadas are seen as representative of the misfortune and suffering that Mary and Joseph endured while they were looking for a place, where Jesus could be born. Posadas are also defined as people walking in peregrination with candles and singing while going from house to house until they find an appropriate place.

The Piñata is a container often made of paper or cloth. In the Mexican tradition, the Piñata represents sin (the devil) and must be broken with a stick by the people (Pilgrims) attending the Posada. The Piñata is full of color and represents mankind’s attraction to the seven sins. A blindfold is worn by a person who tries to hit the Piñata, representing man's blind path they follow in the world. Hitting the Piñata with a stick represents God’s gift of strength given to mankind to fight against sin and the devil.Once someone hits the Piñata, candies fall out representing God’s gift to mankind for overcoming the temptation of the seven deadly sins.

So now that you know a little bit more about the Mexican traditions of celebrating Christmas Day, Crown Relocations Mexico wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

A person hitting a Pinata

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