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If you are thinking about an international move, you will want to ensure that you have set up housing, researched schools and asked for the post office to forward your mail.

As well as taking care of the big tasks there are many small details that you will need to take care of - so you move will go according to plan.

The best way to ensure you are not missing anything out it’s to refer to a task list.

  • Check you have a valid passport and arrange for your visa.

  • Contact your relocation consultant with all of your requirements and the date you would like to move.

  • If you own your own accommodation, you’ll need to decide to rent it out or sell it. If renting, notify the property agent that you are terminating your lease 6 months in advance.

  • Choose a date for the movers to pack your things. The earlier the better, often during the summer period it can get busy

  •   Obtain documentation from your relocation consultant of the paperwork that you will need to complete for packing, insurance, shipping and onward clearance of everything that you’re moving.

  • Decide when the latest that you can dispose of unwanted items is.  Friends, family or charity stores may be happy to take away things you do not now need.

  • Discard any out-dated technology; Electronic items not compatible with your destination; books you have read and do not use; items that have been outgrown; anything damaged.

  • Open a web-based e-mail account such as a yahoo or Hotmail account. Give this new email address to people you will wish to stay in contact with.  Also use it to send yourself information and documents that you will need on arrival.

  • Draw up a list of the people you’d like to see before you leave and start putting dates in place.

  • Make your own inventory of what you are taking and include measurements of any large

  • Check which of your electrical appliances will work in your new location. Plug socket adaptors and power transformers are widely available; you can buy them at most airports, electrical and hard ware shops .

  • Photograph any valuable items for insurance purposes.



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