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On December 6, Crown Netherlands organized a Christmas outing for 15 of Amerpoort's residents. Amerpoort is an organization with 2,400 employees and 600 volunteers that helps provide services to over 2,200 mentally disabled children and adults.

Twelve members of the Crown Worldwide Netherlands team joined the outing to assist the residents of Amerpoort. Due to many of the residents' need for one-on-one care, a larger outing was not possible. Upon meeting the residents, Crown volunteers paired up with a resident buddy and continued their outing by bus to a nearby garden center. The center had great Christmas products, and the residents enjoyed buying colorful decorations for their rooms. After shopping at the garden center, the team enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate with the residents. 

When the group returned to the Amerpoort facilities, the Crown Netherlands volunteers assisted the residents as they decorated their rooms. The group then shared a tasty raclette (a type of cheese or a meal consisted of melted cheese that is commonly served at parties or festive gatherings) and enjoyed each other's company. Overall, the residents from Amerpoort and Crown Netherlands had a great day.  The team vowed to continue this holiday outing for years to come.

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