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Your expat period is almost over. Now it is time to “pack” and go back home. Easy job, isn’t it? At the end, you are just going back to your home country. Despite its apparent simplicity, the act of returning to your home country – which it is called “repatriation”- might not be such as easy task. Time has passed and you have changed – and your home network might have changed too. How can you get prepared for a successful repatriation process? Keep reading and discover our tips.

What is repatriation?

The act of returning to your home country after having lived for a period of time abroad is called repatriation. As the Expat network, Internations, says “belongings need shipping, administrative issues need settling and culture shock can set in again”.  

Even though the challenges do not need to be significant, one of the key differences of the expatriation process is that the person does not expect to experience any significant challenge. At the end, they are just going back home!

However, things might not be as you left them. Your hometown might have changed, your work environment could be altered and your social circle might be different too. 

Therefore, it is good to plan well in advance your repatriation process. 

Tips for the repatriation planning

- Keeping in touch with colleagues, friends, and family back home

- Analyzing your career options in your home country

- Considering  repatriation training for you and your family before leaving the host country

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