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Christmas is a very exciting time for many people, especially your little ones. We took a look at how children around the world will be celebrating this year.


In many parts of France Christmas celebrations begin with St Nicholas day on December 6th. On the eve of St Nicholas day children put their shoes near the chimney before going to bed. By morning the shoes would have been filled with chocolates and cookies delivered over night by Saint Nicolas.


In many families gifts will not be exchanged until January 6th, which is the day of Epiphany. On Epiphany Eve, Befana an old woman who rides a broomstick brings gifts to the good children and a lump of coal or a really dark sweet for the children who have been naughty. It is believed that she missed her opportunity to bring a gift to baby Jesus with the Three Wise Men and so now brings gifts to other children once a year.


Unlike most countries the children of Iceland are visited by thirteen Yule Lads instead of one Santa Clause character. For the thirteen days leading up to Christmas children will place a shoe on their window sill each evening. Each night one of the Yule Lads will visit and leave sweets and small gifts or rotting potatoes depending on how good the children are.


In some parts of Brazil children will be leaving a sock near a window and if Father Christmas finds it he will exchange the sock for a present.

Wherever in the world you will be celebrating Christmas this year, we hope you and your families have a great time.

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