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Relocating can be an emotional rollercoaster full of excitement and worry. It can also become a little stressful. Having relocated millions of families and individuals over the past 50 years we have an understanding of the common questions are customers ask.

Can I pack my own goods?

It’s advisable to have your relocations company oversee the packing. They will have good knowledge about how to handle customers and what can be taken into each country.  Helping avoid any delays and ensure your belongings reach you safely and securely.

What are the transit times?

This depends on the final destination varies according to destination but you should allow for up to 14 weeks for travelling long-haul. Crown prefer to build in extra time so your belongings reach you earlier than expected. Delays just cause frustration.

What about insurance

It’s advised that your items are insured, you can choose to take out your own insurance. Alternatively, your relocations provider may have their own insurance. At Crown Relocations we offer our own insurance policy which covers loss, damage and breakage. We find our customers prefer the peace of mind this provides since any claim can be dealt with via one of our offices in your new location; our local settlement also means claims can be settled within 30 days without any third party involvement.

Can I take my pet?

Depending on where you are relocating to, yes, it is fine to take your pet or pets with you. We work closely with a number of reputable pet transport companies to ensure your pets are moved safely and comfortably. 

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