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Are you relocating with children still in school? Research from ECA International has shown that the cost for sending children to an international school has increased by almost 2%. Many parents choose an international school over a local school due to the internationally recognised qualifications they offer.

The most expensive country in 2017

ECA’s survey that looked at international school fees found that China had the most expensive tuition fees this year. The high prices were due to the demand in China for internationally recognised qualifications.


A trend that is emerging in many predominantly non-English speaking countries is local parents wanting their children to receive an education at an international school. This is because an English education is seen as a great way to help make sure their children attend a top tier university in the future. This latest trend has meant an increase in demand for international schooling not just by expats but also local communities.


Another reason for the high price of international school is the safety that they provide in more urban areas. This is seen as the reason for the higher price in countries like Angola and Nigeria, where there are fewer suitable schools in these areas despite a large expat population. This results in the suitable options being able to raise their prices.

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