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Relocating to Australia can be an exciting experience. For many expats living in the sun and having the opportunity to visit the beach every day is a dream come true.

Once you’ve made the decision to move you will need to spend some time preparing.  Here are a few of the most important steps.

Clear out

  • Sort through your belongings and dispose of anything you no longer use or need. Remember to clear thoroughly in all spaces including in the loft, garage or garden shed.
  • Create a pile of items that you won't be taking and if suitable donate to a charity shop, give away to friends or sell on an online auction.


  • Before you arrive in your new country what permits you need to obtain e.g. for work, residency, vehicles and driving.
  • All of your family members passports are valid and will remain so at least 12 months after the moving date.
  • If you have pets, contact the veterinary and check on any vaccinations and any documents necessary for transport abroad.
  • Some electrical appliances might not work in your new country If you think they aren't going to work it's probably best not to take them with you, or purchase some adaptors


  • Throw out food and drink from your cupboards so that you haven’t got to worry  about clearing out your fridge on moving day.
  • Make travel arrangements with airline, hotel and car hire agencies.
  • Pack non essentials and items that you aren’t likely to use any time soon.
Preparing for a move to Australia

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