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New York is one of the most popular destinations, attracting expats from around the world.  

The Big Apple has a history built on American immigration and this is witnessed in the diverse communities throughout the city.

Expats moving to the city will find themselves at the heart of the world's economy. At first this can be overwhelming as everything moves at a fast pace - the city never sleeps.

The rewards of adjusting to the energetic lifestyle, include a high standard of living and a city with endless cultural attractions from the Statue of Liberty, to 5th Avenue.

There’s no better place in the US to explore the nightlife, restaurants, theatre, museums, chic apartments and diverse international population.

The city’s well-established public transportation network makes it easy to get around. The subway operates 24/7 with buses and commuter trains for those travelling to places that are a little further afield.

Healthcare isn’t free in the USA, expats moving to New York will have to ensure they have invested in a fully comprehensive health insurance plan. This will allow them to take advantage of leading healthcare facilities in New York.

Families moving to New York with children will find there are a whole range of international schooling options in the city which have been established over time to serve the city’s large expat community. Fees are high and space at the most popular schools is limited, so it’s best to research suitable schools before relocating.

New York is an international hub and home to much of the world’s economy. Versatile and cosmopolitan it appeals to the young and the old.

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