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Are you planning to move from Bahrain to another country to improve your career opportunities?  The last Expat Insider Survey reveals the countries that should be your preferred destinations, based on the experiences of more than 14,000 expats.
When you are planning a career change, choosing the right destination it might be a daunting task. If the professional reasons are the primary goal of your relocation, you might be surprised to discover the last Expat Insider results: the smaller countries are the best ones to relocate! In fact, out of the top best five countries to work abroad, three (Luxemburg, Malta and Taiwan) are among the smallest ones in the world. 
For its stable economy, safe jobs, and healthy work-life balance Luxemburg is considered the best place to be employed, followed by Taiwan and Germany. Luxemburg should be stronger considered specially if you are planning to work in the finance industry or in the public sector while Taiwan should be on your list if you are aiming for an academic or research career. 
The Expat Insider Survey has also established three subcategories of its working index: job and career, work and life balance and job security. Regarding job and career, the expats located in Taiwan, Mexico and Malta are the most satisfied with their career opportunities. However, the Nordic countries are the ones which offer the best work-life conditions according to the expatriate community. Norway and Denmark are ranked 1st and 2nd respectively and Sweden is the sixth best country regarding the work-life balance for expats. For the one who job stability is a priority, Europe continues to be a good choice, with Luxemburg and Germany ranked first and second for job security.

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