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Are you considering a relocation and you are wondering if it will be easier to settle in? Check the results of the last Expat Insider Survey to know the best places to move if you want to feel like a local in the blink of an eye!
The last Expat Insider Survey has interviewed more than 14,000 expats all over the world about their experiences living abroad. From their answers, the “ease of settling in” index has been established and the most striking result is: don’t search in the biggest economies for the easiest settling in!
Indeed, the most laid-back and easy-going countries are the ones that the expats consider the most welcoming and friendly. Mexico is the best country is you are looking for the smoothest settling process, as expats consider it welcoming and a place where establishing new social relationships is easy. Costa Rica holds the second position, followed by Uganda, Malta and New Zealand.  89% of the expats living in Costa Rica are happy with the friendliness of the local population and find it relatively easy to have local friends. But if your top priority is feeling welcomed, then you should consider moving to Malta, where most of the expats feel at home thanks to the welcoming local population. 
One of the struggles of many expats when they are into their new country is communicating in the local language. The Expat Insider results show that Kenya, Malaysia and Singapore are the best countries in this area. And what do they have in common these countries? The fact that English is an official language in the country or widely-used!

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