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What the most satisfying part of your job? 

The most satisfying part is helping people get back to “normal” living, with the things that make their daily lives comfortable. It means their lives work better and they’re able to adapt more quickly to a new chapter.

Keeping people informed is important too, right from the outset, as there are many fine details in a relocation that are not always obvious to families when selecting a relocation provider. That’s why we’re careful to ensure that we disclose the full costs and and the likely schedule early on. Everyone relocating should know those things before they entrust their belongings to any company.

We’re prepared to go further to ensure our customers are very satisfied.

As Move Manager for our San Francisco office I wear several hats, but my big responsibilities are to ensure that our transferees’ goods are customs-cleared, and that their destination services go smoothly.

Sometimes it can get complicated. Our office recently delivered some heavy yet fragile statues to a classic San Francisco row home. The situation called for a crane to reach over neighboring homes and yards, and thread through cable car, phone and electric lines. It took the combined efforts of many people in the office, from pricing to logistics, with hours of research and discussion. Impressive teamwork. 

Liza Mowdy,
Move Manager, San Francisco

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